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Anonymous said: Why just alright?

Bs reasons


"Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be."

what if the poison is your own mind? 


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i have a prettys nice ass i guess sure


I hate being the only one awake in my house.
I feel lonely and sad and it all starts hitting me at once and I really wish I had someone to talk to.
It’s nights like these that I overthink everything.


So this is what I was doing this weekend…. No updates because no cell service!

Anonymous said: I'm doing fine :3 how are you?

Im alright please come off anon?



♡✞ I’m here if you need someone to talk, I care and stay strong ✞♡

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Anonymous said: hi!^-^

Hi! How are you?




this is the single saddest post I have ever seen on tumblr.

I relate so much

i posted this as a joke why does it have 3,000 notes and hipster urls everywhere it was probably a homeless crack addict who got hold of a spray can

Well maybe because to some people it does mean something. I reblogged it and then read your comment and it means something to me because I dropped out of school freshmen year and would be graduating right now. Just because it’s a joke to you, doesn’t mean it is to everyone.
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